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About us...

"World of Words" is the nongovernmental organization made of the girls and boys and some of their women teachers from Velika Plana, who made themselves sensible to improve the quality of life in their city and its surroundings by giving their contribution in the field of culture and in relations between people. We support the introduction of gender equality and the prevention of human trafficking, especially among high school boys and girls, since the adolescence is one of the key periods in forming one's personality. "World of Words" is made of girls and boys (now 19 years old), who has worked for several years as the youth of NGO "Women in Action". Now, when they are adults, apparently stronger comparing to their friends of the same age, they founded their own organization.

"World of Words" is a nongovernmental, non-profit association founded 25 Sept 2008, with the aim to achieve the objectives in the field of work with young people (especially girls), gender equality, prevention of violence, human trafficking, educational programs, cultural life, economic empowerment, human rights development of democracy and civil society, cross-border cooperation and environmental protection.The objectives of the Association are: educational and preventive support (especially girls) in the realization of gender, social, labor, and other social equality, providing psychological support to young people, education of young people for active participation in the prevention of all forms of violence, trafficking, education and sensitization of employees in institutions for the native interest, commitment to the promotion of healthy lifestyles, commitment to improving the culture of speech, nurturing beauty of speech as well as improving the social and cultural lives.Our mission We are an organization that advocates for the rights of young people through actions and policies that respect human rights and the dignity of young people by organizing a variety of creative, educational, cultural and artistic activities in order to raise the capacity of young people to build a community based on the principles of equal opportunity, gender equality, youth activism, building personal competencies and talent development.Our visionYoung people who fully enjoy their rights in the community in which education and youth are the main resources and drivers of positive change.

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Movie about us…

"World of Words" has so far implemented projects related to the following areas: Human trafficking prevention, Domestic violence, sexual and gender based violence, gender equality, human rights, Organizing literary evening and performances inspired by life of women writers...  Results  :Organised over 30 litarary evenings and performances dedicated to unjustly forgotten and neglected women writers, Increased the level of self-confidence to participate in public performances and activities in hundreds of sensitized girls and gender-sensitive young man, Organized 550 workshops on prevention topics: sex and gender, gender-based violence, workshops on violence in adolescent relationships, Completed 90 performances with young people at local and international level to raise awareness of local communities on gender-based, domestic and sexual violence , Recorded 26 low-budget films on this subject with the aim of raising awareness of boys and girls, Created network of volunteers in Podunavski, Pomoravski, Šumadijskom i Braničevskom regions with the aim to network and continue to work in their communities on the prevention of gender-based violence and teen dating violence, Organized international training for girls and gender-aware young men from 9 countries (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Spain) on the topic of raising public awareness and prevention of gender-based and teen dating violence, Organized two international training for girls and gender-aware young men from Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Montenegro, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Romania, Croatian, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Spanish and Polish on human trafficking and illegal migration, Organized international training for youth from 15 countries: Serbia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Poland, Turkey, Kosovo, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Albania, Montenegro, Moldova, Israel and Latvia; 37 girls and boys trained writing business-plan to start their own business, Organized 90 workshops with single mothers within the project "I have the right to live without violence" and "Psychological support single mothers of Velika Plana", Made the program "Big Brother / sister" for the children / youth living with single mothers, organized 5 cycles schools for single mothers parenting adolescents / activists, Provided 600 free services to youth and their mothers within Psychological counseling, Provided 600 online expert advice to girls and single mothers, Formed 3 teams for peer support in all three secondary school in Velika Plana,Organized cycle of workshops "a new world" techniques introduction of forum-theater, Trained and launched only in Serbia TEEN phone / psychological and peer support for young people.Space obtained from the municipality which is equipped with means BCIF / CNF within Social Transition Program, we entered into the municipal budget

Target groups

- Young people aged 15- 30 years, especially those from maladaptive families, marginalized groups, rural areas ... from the territory of the Podunavski, Pomoravski, Šumadijski  i Braničevski  regions from three municipalities of Velika Plana, Smederevo and Smederevska Palanka.

-  Young people aged 15- 30 years from 19 partner countries from Europe with whom we have a partnership implemented projects supported by the European Commission in Brussels

-  Unemployed girls and young women are at greatest risk of becoming victims of human trafficking

- Single mothers in the municipality of Velika Plana

-  Young rural women

-  Young women victims of domestic violence

-  Children and young people from families which suffered from domestic violence

-  Teaching and non-teaching staff in schools

-  Local communities in the readings, performances, street actions, media campaign

                            Our projects:

1.Sensitisation for gender gender and sex issues - PREVENTION PROGRAMME of gender based violence and trafficking trafficking in 10 municipalities of the Podunavski, Pomoravski, Šumadijskom i Braničevskom regions. The aim of the project was to raise awareness on issues of gender-based violence and trafficking among young people and their parents through the development of knowledge , skills and attitudes on issues of gender and sex and gender-based violence and trafficking as an extreme form of violence against women. This project included 30 schools in 10 municipalities in four regions of Central Serbia, held 50 workshops on topics: basic concepts - gender and gender, gender identities and roles, power relations in society, abuse of power, discrimination, sexism, gender-equal society, violence, trafficking as a form of extreme forms of violence, gender-view based violence, gender and sexuality of young, adolescent relationships and violence in youth relationships. Donor: OAK Foundation-Geneva

2. Sensitization for the issues of gender and sex - PREVENTION PROGRAM gender-based violence in high school in Velika Plana - The pilot project in high school in Velika Plana, organized a cycle of 40 workshops, prepared performance: "Being a boy / girl ..." Donor: EWI, Omis, Croatia

3.I DO NOT WANT TO BE A VICTIM! I AM NOT FOR SALE! - The project comprised of more than 1,200 high school students from Velika Plana, as well as young people from secondary schools who do not plan to continue their education, young people who drop out of high school, poor people who are already working in markets, boutiques, newspaper stands, Chinese shops - greay economy. Attending the workshops they get basic knowledge about human trafficking, and then prepared two performances "Doll in the window! A beauty pageant and some other things" (in which simulated for the pageant as a way of recruiting girls victims and their recruitment for sexual exploitation) and "Everything's for sale" (Where they performed in the city market in Velika Plana simulating sale organ trafficking for labor exploitation and begging). Donor: Balkan Fund for local initiative within the program active Communities

4. OPEN YOUR EYES! MOVE THE MIND! Secure the future - The aim of the project was to raise awareness among young people from 10 villages of Velika Plana on human trafficking and the need for activating communities to fight the phenomena. Projekat initiated a large number of volunteers, the urban students who, together with their peers from villages of our municipality done a series of creative actions in the market, on the street, rural sports events, etc. The main sub-target group within this target group were young unemployed and young people who do not continue their secondary education and studies, people who do not complete elementary school, Roma men and women, persons with disabilities and intellectual impairments that are not socialy included throught the regular education. Secondary target group included all working age residents of the village: parents, teachers, schools, friends... Results of the Project: young people from rural areas of the municipality Velika Plana acquired basic knowledge about human trafficking, how to recognize trafficking in business deals, advertisements, etc. Young people from rural areas who participated in the project activities they were obliged to share their knowledge and experiences with their peers, regarding the human trafficking recognition and prevention. Donor: World Bank

5.OPEN YOUR EYES! YOU NEED TO KNOW! - Mobilizing the community to combat human trafficking - The aim of the project was to raise awareness on human trafficking, among young people from 9 countries - 46 participants (Poland, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia). The focus was on the youth as the most vulnerable category and activities are done by informing, educating and raising awareness with the aim of eliminating human trafficking. Participants spent 9 days in Vrnjacka Banja where hey were given basic knowledge on trafficking and prepare performances that were performed on the market, the market in in high school so that the interaction with the locals. Donor European Commission in Brussels within the framework of the program "Youth in Action"

6.STOP ILLEGAL MIGRATION AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING! - Illegal migration and human trafficking training included young people from 15 countries. Overall 36 participants received knowledge on this topic and encouraged the actions of creative action aimed at raising public awareness in their countries about this topic. During the ten days training at Vrnjacka Banja, participants acquired knowledge of illegal migration and human trafficking and raise awareness about the necessity of raising the level of awareness in the community about this problem. Partner organizations were from Turkey, Latvia, Czech Republic, Albania, Greece, Italy, Israel, Bosnia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatian, Slovenia, Romania and Spain.

Donor European Commission in Brussels within the framework of the program "Youth in Action" and the Municipal Assembly of Velika Plana

7.UNDERTAKE! INITIATE! APPLY! - Training on the theme of youth entrepreneurship and writing business plans for young people from 15 countries. Trained 37 young people from 15 countries and organised the fair of youth entrepreneurship. Furthermore, trainings raised the awareness of young people from 15 countries on the importance of youth organizations and entrepreneurship. Partner countries: Poland, Turkey, Moldova, Israel, Romania, Latvia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Portugal, Greece, Macedonia, Italy and Serbia and Kosovo.

Donor: European Commission in Brussels within the framework of the program "Youth in Action" and the Municipality of Velika Plana

8. Give me 5 minutes of your time! Community mobilization in the fight against domestic, sexual and gender-based violence in the 15 villages of the Podunavski region - the objective of the project was to raise awareness of young people from rural areas in Podunavlje district about the problem of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence, and prepared a performance "Today I got flowers...". The project was developed within the framework of the international project, youth exchanges "Give me five minutes!". In Vrnjacka Banja gathered 47 young people from 9 countries and during the ten days training they have prepared a performance on the topic of ciolence in adolescent relationships, which are preformed in the market, schoolyards, etc. Participants of exchange were, upon returning to their country, teachs as peer education with young people. Also, they join the facebook group to exchange experiences and plan new activities in the field of violence prevention. Donor: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Gender Equality

9.Give me 5 minutes of your time! - Youth exchange of young people from 9 countries with the aim of raising awareness on issues of gender-based violence and teen dating violence. In Vrnjacka Banja gathered 46 participants from countries such as Poland, Italy, Turkey, Albania, Germany, Spain, Latvia and the Czech Republic who are prepared perfmormans who performed in the square, in the market and in the yard of the school and shot five low-budget films on this subject. Donor: European Commission in Brussels within the framework of the program "Youth in Action" and the Municipality of Velika Plana

10.I HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE WITHOUT VIOLENCE! - The objective of the project was to inform, educate and raise awareness of women from 10 villages, but also local population about women's rights as well as the unacceptability of violence as a model of behavior in society and the right of women to live free of violence by motivating young people from rural areas to take an active role in making changes in their environment by encouraging the action of creative action to eliminate domestic and gender-based violence. Donor: Ecumenic Women Initiative

11.Support to improve quality of life of single parents in municipality of Velika Plana - The aim of the project was to support the improvement of quality of life for single parents and their children from the municipality of Velika Plana through a set of psychological and educational activities aimed at creating a network for mutual support and assistance. The project provided psychological and social support to single parents has been, and their children, empowering them to master the combined structural difficulties in family functioning, better integration into the community and improved quality of life through programs and services of psychological, educational and creative character of prevention and action. Donor: Ecumenic Women Initiative

12.DRUŽILIŠTE- Support program for improvement of mental health of youth in municipality in Velika Plana through prevention activities. This project has contributed to obtain the space from the municipality Velika Plana. We signed an agreement and purchased furniture on the use of a term which shall not be less than 10 years. The aim of the program was to improve the mental health of young people (15-20 years) through the development of high-quality, accessible and timely services for prevention and action in the field of mental health through educating teams of peer support. Activities: Training for volunteers who works on TEEN phone, Psychological drama workshops, creative workshops, psychological counseling for adolescents / activists and parents adoslecenata / activists, School of parenting for parents of adolescents / activists, online counselling. The program has provided support to young people to develop their basic capacity in everyday communication and interaction, and contributed to the overall empowerment of young people and their more active involvement in the life of the local community. The project has contributed to the formation of teams for peer support in all three secondary school in Velika Plana, a TEEN phone was the only one in the territory of Serbia. Supervisor of the project was Prof. Dr. Jelena Vlajkovic from the Faculty of Phichology, University of Belgrade. Donors: Balkan Fund for local initiative through the Social Transition / Central Fund for Southeast Europe, the Fund for an Open Society and the Municipal Assembly of Velika Plana.

13. TREE OF LIFE-marking Human Rights Day- Every year, since the period when we worked as an informal group, on the occasion of 10 December, International Human Rights Day, we organize action decorating the Tree of Life. The action involved volunteers of our organization, and tree is decorated in the lobby of the gymnasium in Velika Plana and in front of Banca Intesa in our city.

14. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW! Mobilization of young people from rural areas in the fight against trafficking (a project which is ongoing and which is implemented in the period from September 2014 to January 2015 with the financial support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia and the Assembly of Velika Plana).

15. 'Hand of friendship - mobilization of young people of Podunavski region to take positive action and involve society towards inclusion of Roma population " The aim of the project was to inform, to educate and to raise awareness among youth *peer educators, in the Podunavski region about discrimination, with the special focus on discrimination against members of Roma population. Project raised motivation to take an active role in making changes in their environment whose encouraging and positive action educate community members to understand and adopt Roma population as the equal minority group. We established a network of trained peer educators who implemented workshops, public actions, performances with children and young people from 6 to 20 years and media campaign.

Participants had the opportunity to share their experiences of discrimination Roma with the group. Peers saw and felt how it is to be Roma in Serbia, Europe, and the world. Some were in tears after listening confessions of Roma children. The project has followed by a strong media campaign. Partners in the project were Roma organizations: 'Romani Cikna' , "Osvit" and Roma Information Center (RIC). (donors: The Ministry for Human and Minority Rights of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and Manicypaliy Velika Plana)